Employer Services

Recruitment Plans that grow with your business

Whether you are a start-up or a large sized company, we have comprehensive recruitment process offerings for all your recruitment needs. These solutions are designed to improve your business productivity and cost-efficiency; and are highly customizable as per your needs to help you hire the best available talent.

Permanent Recruiting:

We understand that permanent recruitment is all about ensuring the best fit so that the right person is selected by the right employer and vice-versa; therefore our experienced consultants while looking into the skill set also consider candidates’ attitudes, ambitions and a host of other factors which are vital to the process. We tailor our service to fit our clients’ specific requirements.

Contract staffing:

Contract staffing is cost-effective. When you opt to work with these contractors, they eliminate many payroll and all-benefits expenses, rework project budgets to accommodate the temporary hire and reduce or eliminate many administrative expenses associated with in-house recruiting and other hiring activities. Instead of training an inexperienced worker, the client company gains access to the right candidate for the job at hand.

Temporary Staffing:

At Jobscribe, we can help you with temporary staff as well. When you have to finish a task where not much of training is required, then reduce your expenses of overtime by hiring Temp staff. Also, get the task done within time. Our charges are quite reasonable. Talk to us for more details.


You test drive a car afore buying it―so why make use of internships as a test drive to judge the suitability of a potential future employee for an upcoming role and enhance your organization? Interns also bring their zeal and infuse enthusiasm into an existing stale business setting and even positive spirit in few can prove contagious for many others. It also develops leadership skills in existing employees when they mentor an intern because in that case they also have to update their skills. The fresh graduates are all upto date with latest technology and they also bring their fresh insights into your business /organisation which might prove beneficial for your business. Nonetheless interns prove an extra set of hands which can prove beneficial in achieving set goals and completing unfinished projects.